Sensis Business Index

Support for the Andrews government amongst small and medium businesses has fallen to a record low according to the September Sensis Business Index survey.

The latest survey of business confidence in the Andrews government saw an 11-point decline to a net balance of minus 24 this quarter, with 32 per cent of Victorian businesses believing that the Premier and his government actually work against them, compared with just 8 per cent that think they work for them.

These latest figures show Victoria's small businesses have a complete lack of confidence in the Andrews government and its Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade in their competence and policies. These survey figures further confirm the concerns I hear daily from Victorian businesses that the Andrews government has put its mates and union masters first and businesses last, resulting in costs to do business in this state spiralling out of control.

Victorian businesses deserve better — much better — than what they are receiving from the Andrews government and its jetsetting Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade.

The Victorian Liberal Party in government will put an end to the empty rhetoric of this failed government and minister and create an environment that encourages people to start and grow businesses and rewards them for their creativity and hard work.