Shovel ready projects on the Mornington Peninsula

My question is directed to the Minister for the Coordination of Jobs, Precincts and Regions: COVID-19 and the information I seek on behalf of my constituents is regarding information about state government support for the Mornington Peninsula shire’s $320 million worth of shovel-ready projects.

The shire has listed a $320 million package of shovel-ready projects that are set to go.

The shire has listed nine projects on the peninsula that would create jobs, improve community facilities and services and facilitate road safety upgrades for the benefit of my community and the peninsula.

These $320 million project consists of:

  • $15 m for the Peninsula Bay Trail
  • $17.825 m for peninsula community facilities
  • $10.6 m for the Briars
  • $18.5 m for peninsula pavilions
  • $130 m for road safety
  • $27.3 m for recycled water
  • $2.5 m for peninsula homelessness package
  • $10 m for better buses
  • a Mornington Peninsula technology park.

The shire has announced these projects to help soften the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the peninsula.

The shire has stated that the negative economic impacts of COVID-19 are forecast to be greater for the Mornington Peninsula than for Australia overall, with a predicted 21 per cent fall in gross regional product, much worse than the 6.9 per cent drop forecast for Australia as a whole.

The shire has also stated that an estimated 5900 jobs are forecast to be lost due to the pandemic, with a reduction in employment opportunities of 11 per cent.

I urgently seek the Minister’s support for these important shovel-ready projects in this month’s state budget. The Morrison government has already offered $80 m towards three of the nine projects.