Slow Roadmap out of Lockdown

The Victorian government’s road map out of lockdown is unnecessarily slow and does not deliver the freedoms Victorians need and deserve soon enough. We as a state already hold the unfortunate record for the world’s longest lockdown, so we cannot afford for this to continue.

Whilst we welcome changes to these draconian lockdown measures, we must ensure we do this in the most efficient way possible. In the current plan, Victorians who have children in school or who work in retail or hospitality are being forgotten. These industries have been ravaged and transformed with restrictions since the beginning of this pandemic, so it is essential that the government provides these industries with a quick and understandable path out.

A Guy government would provide certainty to businesses, parents, and the rest of Victoria by syncing our road map with New South Wales. This would bring greater freedoms, allowing retail and hospitality to return and all kids to be back in the classroom. This would kickstart the Guy government’s plan to revive the City of Melbourne and the state of Victoria, allowing them both to flourish again.