Slow Vaccination Rollout

The booking system is frequently being updated with new times which are only able to be booked if you are constantly checking the system to try and get an earlier time. If you had booked a time in August through the Victorian government coronavirus website, it is likely that you would not have got a booking until late September. Alternatively, if you had booked through a third-party, non-government application such as DocHub that has utilised pharmacies and GPs since the beginning, you would have been able to get a time in just a few weeks. Why has this government directed Victorians to a less efficient state-run system that hasn’t been optimised for a quick vaccine rollout?

This flawed system requires Victorians to constantly check the bookings to ensure that they can get a time that will speed up the rollout in Victoria. It should be the state’s responsibility to ensure that the vaccine rollout is quick and efficient and not that of the individual.

This flawed system has slowed down the vaccine rollout and consequentially increased the duration of the lockdown. Victorians deserve better, and the only way that can happen is by electing a Guy Liberal government which will act to serve all Victorians.