Somers Primary School

Mr BurgessĀ (Hastings) (09:58): The Somers Residents Association is not your average town representative body. Unlike many other groups, the SRA has a very high and consistent number of residents, and its hard work strongly reflects the pride residents have in their community.

The Victorian Electoral Commission moved Somers back into the Hastings electorate just weeks ago, and the SRA has really been hard at work to ensure I am aware of the urgent need the Somers Primary School has for a replacement administrative building. The existing office building is a 20-year-old portable. It no longer meets the needs of the school, which has doubled in size over recent years. The school is now larger than many other local schools in my electorate, yet it has never had a permanent office administration building or meeting room for staff in the school. Somers is now home to many young families, and more have moved into the township as permanent residents since the lockdown restrictions took effect. Somers Primary School has urgent capital work needs and is expected to face capacity issues in the future. I call on the minister to provide funding for the urgently needed new school administration building and ongoing funding to build badly needed and well-overdue permanent classrooms.