Somerville Police Station

Today I rise to call on the Minister for Police to fulfil the clear directions given by the Chief Commissioner of Police, Ken Lay, as detailed in his letter last year for the Somerville police station, and provide the 16 hours a day service Chief Commissioner Lay had committed to in writing for the people of the Somerville community.

Even though the Minister later contradicted this principle by overriding the chief commissioner's wishes and personally directing that police be stationed in the Labor marginal seat of Bellarine; the Minister has acknowledged in writing that it is the role of the commissioner to allocate police officers to a station, and Chief Commissioner Lay did this for Somerville.

Anything less than what Chief Commissioner Lay identified for Somerville will be recognised by the community as the political interference that it is, and will be fought every step of the way by the local community and the police family.

It became clear that Somerville was going to be at risk under this politically partisan and soft-on-crime government when it cancelled the 250 additional police that had been committed to by the Liberal-Nationals government to complement the 1850 more police, 100 transit police and 950 protective services officers it had already delivered.