Somerville robbery

Recently a Somerville resident was robbed, with their money being snatched from their hands shortly after they left one of our local banks. I am told that this local community member has been so traumatised and terrified by this experience that they are too scared to leave their home. This sort of frightening criminal activity is now also happening in the middle of the day in local streets, and it must stop. My community has the right to be and feel safe. This is unfortunately no longer a given under the Andrews Labor government.

Just a few hundred metres up the road from where this disgraceful crime occurred is the Somerville police station — the $16.3 million state‑of‑the‑art police station that the Premier and his band of thieves have continued playing politics with by not providing the police to open it. In the world of the Premier and Labor, regardless of what Victorians need and what danger they are in, if it was a Liberal idea or built by the Liberal Party, it cannot open. Under the Premier large numbers of police stations have been shut or have had their hours slashed.

A Matthew Guy Liberal government will immediately open the Somerville police station so it can do the job it was built to do and should have been doing for the last four years — protecting the people of Somerville.

Last week the owner of Somerville Village Meats informed me —