Somerville Football Club

Mr BURGESS — Last Sunday I was grateful for the opportunity to help the team at Somerville Football Netball Club cook up a storm for shoppers at Bunnings Hastings. The sausage sizzle raised over $1000 for the club.

Remembrance Day 2017

Mr BURGESS — On 11 November this year I was honoured to join the Hastings RSL sub‑branch and the Hastings community for a service and wreath‑laying ceremony at the Hastings cenotaph to commemorate Remembrance Day. Each year at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we stop and show appreciation to our servicemen and women past and present for the freedoms Australians all cherish.

Marion Harriden

Mr BURGESS — On 8 December I was pleased to present Marion Harriden with a certificate recognising her 11 years as chairperson of the Somerville Community House. Marion has always put her community first, and this recognition is well deserved

Liberal Candidate for Ivanhoe - Monica Clarke

Mr BURGESS — On 4 December I was pleased to join the Liberal candidate for Ivanhoe, Monica Clark, in doorknocking small businesses in the Ivanhoe area. Victorian small businesses have had enough of a government that is run by a bully and that governs only for itself and its union mates. After watching Monica connecting with her community, I have no doubt she will do very well in next year’s election.

Major Events Legislation Amendment (Ticket Scalping and Other Matters) Bill 2017

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (16:49:47) — It is a pleasure to rise to speak on the Major Events Legislation Amendment (Ticket Scalping and Other Matters) Bill 2017. Just following on from the member for Mordialloc, it is always interesting that they are claiming to be open and accountable. Certainly with this particular responsible minister it is interesting to note that under proposed section 182N(3) to be inserted into the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 by clause 16 of the bill there is a discretion for the minister to dispose of forfeited tickets or tickets that have been taken in any way he sees fit. I would have thought, and I am sure all members on this side of the house would have thought, that the Minister for Sport already had about as many tickets as he could possibly handle. Certainly he has got a bit of a record for having sports events tickets and receiving them from all over the place. So his having the discretion to dispose of these tickets in any way he sees fit I think is anything but open and accountable.

Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (16:05:01) — On the motion, it is always interesting to follow the Leader of the House and listen to her try and rewrite history. It is a regular occurrence. To say on one hand that she was going to get to this debate, that if we had time we were going to get to consideration in detail, but that it was the member for Bayswater that was standing up and taking up time is so disingenuous that certainly anyone reading Hansard really needs to read it in detail to understand exactly what the Leader of the House gets up to. She does it regularly. She will get up and she will verbal people and she will make an argument that really does not exist. Hopefully she is coming back — good — because she does this on a regular basis. She has already contradicted herself by saying that there was no agreement but then, harking back to Tuesday, that clearly there was an agreement and that she was making the point that we would do it if we had time.

Dangerous intersections in Somerville and Hastings

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:37:32) — (13 804) My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I am seeking information on behalf of my constituents on what assistance the Andrews government is able to provide to upgrade dangerous intersections in Somerville and Hastings. My Somerville constituents have for many years been required to run the gauntlet of Somerville’s double roundabout, situated at the intersection of Eramosa Road and Frankston‑Flinders Road, Somerville. This notorious combination of roundabouts, which is located in the heart of the town, also has the added complexities of the adjacent Stony Point railway line crossing and Grant Road. The roundabout has to contend with traffic entering from all sorts of roads. Further gridlock is created when trains cross.

Port of Melbourne

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:42:49) — After arguing the same case for years, I was not surprised to read an article in the Age with the heading, ‘A bridge too far: warning bigger ships won’t be able to reach port of Melbourne’. The article of 10 November begins:


Tyabb Railway Station Primary needs a new hall

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:49:49) — (13 720) My constituency question is to the Minister for Education. I am seeking information on behalf of the Tyabb Railway Station Primary School community on what assistance the Andrews government is able to provide for the building of a school hall. Currently Tyabb Railway Station Primary School has no school hall for its 120 students to use for assembly or to play indoor sport during the heat of summer or the depths of winter. The school completely lacks the large covered area a modern school needs and is expected to have. A hall would provide the school with a multi‑use educational and recreational facility for use in a whole range of areas such as sporting and meeting facilities for the various needs of pupils, parents, families and the local community. Tyabb Railway Station Primary School is rightfully very proud of its outstanding culture which promotes personal, social and academic development and its emphasis on developing positive and respectful relationships between all members of the school fraternity.

Young St Buses - don't fit

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:55:50) — This government is synonymous with congestion. From its treacherous decision to betray Victorians by spending much of what it was going to cost to build the east–west link and then cancelling it, right down to bungling street projects so public transport can no longer access them, this government is one failure after another. After 12 months of bungling and incompetence from the member for Frankston and the Premier, the community of Frankston was promised Young Street would finally be back to normal by the end of October, but of course it was not.