Statement from Neale Burgess MP

Today, I am announcing that I will not be recontesting the Seat of Hastings at next year’s state election.

Serving my community has been a life-long passion of mine and having that privilege for 16 years, is something I will be forever grateful to my community for.

When I was first elected, I thought we would have more time in government and with that, more opportunities to deliver the big-ticket items that every community wants and needs. While things didn’t turn out that way, I was given the opportunity to do the most satisfying and worthwhile work of my life. Literally, thousands of opportunities to help local people and families, overcome the many big and small challenges life sent their way.

It has been an honour to be a Liberal Member of the Victorian Parliament.

It is the right time for me and it’s the right time for my party. Matthew Guy and his team have the vision, policy ideas and capacity to offer a competitive and credible alternative at next year’s state election.

I have great faith and confidence in my friend, Matthew Guy and in his team and I know they will provide Victorians with a real choice.

I am truly blessed to have such a loving and understanding family and I’ve been privileged to have the support of many committed co-workers in my office over my time as the Member for Hastings. One of those co-workers, Barry Fay, deserves special mention. Barry has been with me from day one and his service to our community has been outstanding.

Those in office are elected to bring about positive change to the communities they represent, and I am immensely proud of all that has been achieved throughout our community over the past four terms. While achievements are usually things done, occasionally things stopped can have just as positive an effect on a local community. Favourite outcomes achieved working together with my community, included, stopping a bitumen plant, urea plant and AGL’s gas plant from being forced on Crib Point. 

It’s now time to pass the baton to someone new, with a fresh perspective, who will continue to serve this wonderful community.