Vaccinated Economy for all

This rollout has already experienced the types of major speed bumps that come from the poor planning and preparation the Andrews government has become known for. Poor messaging and an outdated app have caused many of the initial problems, and it is essential that this time the Andrews government gets the planning right and doesn’t leave large parts of our state languishing.

Adding insult to the injuries already caused through this rollout, technology experts are now suggesting that the current Service Victoria app, which is to be used in our vaccinated economy, could easily be forged to misrepresent a person’s vaccination status. In creating a vaccinated economy and then policing it, it is not good enough to have a system so flawed that it can easily be exploited.

With the Andrews government last year trying to fudge its way through tracking and tracing with manual methods and a fax machine and not embracing more advanced technology until this year, it is no surprise that we are on the brink of yet another technological mess that taxpayers will be asked to pay to clean up.