Victoria Award

The Victoria Award was established to give well earned recognition and acknowledgement of the immeasurable contribution of our unsung heroes in our community. This Award is about service to others, be it through community work, or in giving time and hard work to help others directly.

The Victoria Award shows our quiet achievers just how much they are valued and appreciated and recognises their important, often behind the scenes, contribution to the fabric of our society. This is an award that is presented to those special people across our community who go out of their way to do things for others, not because they want recognition but because it comes from their heart to give and serve others.

Selection criteria for the Victoria award could include:

  • Continued fundraising efforts for an organisation over many years;
  • Volunteer efforts for the betterment of an organisation or the wider community; or
  • Behind the scenes support

A medallion is be presented to the nominated recipient. To nominate a recipient or if you need more information, please contact Neale's office on 5977 5600.