Victoria's Brumbies need your help

The Victorian Upper House has made it clear that it would not stand for the Andrews Labor Government’s plans to begin widespread culling of brumbies in Victoria’s high country.
Brumbies are an iconic part of our State’s cultural identity, and whilst maintaining biodiversity in Victoria’s parks is necessary, any management of brumby populations must be conducted humanely and sustainably. If you care about these magnificent animals, please use this link to sign a petition;
This is also an opportunity to mention Victorian Brumby Association, a not for profit organisation, doing important work towards saving Australia's wild Brumbies by rescuing, advocating and educating people about our heritage horses. Visit Facebook page > 
Image by Marlo and Beyond - Images of Australia by Helmut Kummer. Visit Facebook page >
Please also visit his Facebook page to view a beautiful Brumbies clip too.