Victorian Education COVID-19

This has gone too far and is now doing serious damage to a generation of children. Before the damage can be repaired we need a path out. Instead the Premier has chosen to divide the state in two and allow only some of the kids back to school, providing a massive disadvantage to metropolitan children. How can this government continue to discriminate against some children based on where they live?

Supermarkets have been allowed to remain open throughout the pandemic because they were correctly deemed as essential to people’s lives. One look at the reports on the mental health of our children should be enough to convince anyone that schools are essential to our children’s lives.

We should put in place safeguards that minimise risks, as we have done with supermarkets and other essential services, open our schools and leave them open.

Our children will pay for this government’s disastrous policy decisions for the rest of their lives.

Under a Matthew Guy government our state would reopen our schools safely and return our children to face-to-face learning.

Earlier this week the Victorian Liberal-Nationals announced a positive new plan to get students back into classrooms across the state.

Under the Andrews Labor government’s six yo-yo lockdowns some Victorian students have lost more than 150 days of face-to-face learning. This has had a devastating impact on the educational and social development of these young people, their families and school communities.

That’s why the Victorian Liberal-Nationals have developed a sensible plan to safely get kids back in the classroom and to give hope to students for a return in time for the commencement of term 4.

This plan includes:

priority vaccination of all willing teachers.

schools will only close on an individual case-by-case basis.

redirect wasteful spending on blown out mega-projects to improve ventilation and make classrooms COVID safe.

employ rapid antigen testing as a key screening tool.

treat schools as bubbles and stop restricting activities where there has been no proof of transmission.

promote mask wearing, social distancing and appropriate hygiene.

listen to the experts to continue to strengthen COVID-safe schools.