Warneet Jetties

During the last sitting week I sought the assistance of the Minister for Fishing and Boating on behalf of the coastal village community of Warneet to reopen both the Warneet North and Warneet South jetties before the summer season.

Both jetties had been closed without warning on 4 June 2020 due to public safety, as stated in the minister’s 13 September response to my letter of 3 August.

I asked why the Andrews government had allowed these two important public jetties to deteriorate to such a state that they became unsafe and why no effort had been made to maintain them to a safe standard.

I also asked why in the ensuing three months no work has been performed to try and reopen these jetties before the summer season or provide any indication of when funding would be made available to repair these two important pieces of community infrastructure.

This week I received a disappointing response from the Minister for Fishing and Boating in her reply to my constituency question of 17 September.

The minister’s answer provided no detail on when funding would be provided or when work would commence on fixing either jetty before the summer season.

All the minister could say was that maritime structures are assessed regularly to ascertain the condition and the management of those assets and that access remains open to Warneet South Jetty in part and to the floating pontoon.

Unfortunately over the weekend I was advised that the Warneet North Jetty had recently been vandalised, with the demolition of two fixed barriers and the removal and theft of two gates at the entrance to the waterfront. New steel barriers have now been reinstated by Parks Victoria.

As I have previously stated, a responsible approach would have been to perform an upgrade on one of the jetties before either became unsafe and then reopen it before repairing the other.

I again seek the minister’s urgent assistance in directing Parks Victoria to commence crucial work on repairing both Warneet jetties before the summer season.