Why Melbourne?

Previously deemed as the world’s most livable city, Melbourne is a shadow of what it used to be. Under the Andrews government, Melbourne slipped from the world’s most livable city to number nine on the list, behind Adelaide and Perth. Considering that Australia has been one of the most successful countries in the world at managing the pandemic response, the failures of Victoria must be acknowledged as catastrophic failures by our state government.

After all, Victoria is the only state that lost control of COVID alpha! And that failure cost 800 Victorians their lives.

Previously known as the sporting capital of Australia, the Andrews Labor government has lost two AFL grand finals, two Formula One races, one Melbourne Cup—and counting—one Bells Beach surfing competition and hundreds of other sport events that would have previously been scheduled for Melbourne. Not only is our state and capital city losing events, but we are also now losing people. In stark contrast to every other Australian state, Victoria actually lost population over the last year. There are now 43 000 fewer Victorians than there were at the beginning of this pandemic.

The proven track record for the metropolitan Melbourne lockdowns is the worst in the world. Victorians have had their livelihoods ripped away from them, and the repercussions and consequences of such an approach is what will hurt Victoria for decades to come.

Despite the rest of Australia having managed and controlled the pandemic with greater levels of success with less draconian measures, Victoria has failed to do so. So, when asked the question ‘Why Melbourne?’, there is only one rational answer: the Andrews Labor government.