Young St Buses - don't fit

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:55:50) — This government is synonymous with congestion. From its treacherous decision to betray Victorians by spending much of what it was going to cost to build the east–west link and then cancelling it, right down to bungling street projects so public transport can no longer access them, this government is one failure after another. After 12 months of bungling and incompetence from the member for Frankston and the Premier, the community of Frankston was promised Young Street would finally be back to normal by the end of October, but of course it was not.

In keeping with the absolute shemozzle that projects under the Andrews Labor government inevitably become, the buses — one of the major users of this important street — do not fit. From start to finish the total incompetence of this government and its local member were on show for all to see. From setting up barriers weeks before construction was to begin — but well in time to ruin the vital Christmas trade for the Young Street traders — to delay after delay, which saw a project of 3 to 6 months finally end up being over 12 months for local businesses. Then the final insult was that vital public transport no longer fits down the street.

It is not as if these buses got fat overnight. The width of the buses was 255 centimetres before the project began and they were 255 centimetres when it ended. That is not a surprise. The roadway is 275 centimetres wide, leaving buses with just 10 centimetres on each side. VicRoads has had to employ a full‑time traffic warden just to try and get the buses down the street.

It is ironic in the extreme that the member for Frankston should be the cause of so much destruction in this street but then try to ask the federal member to stand down.