Young Street, Frankston

Now the completion date is further in doubt and businesses have said, ‘Enough’. Businesses like Lucky’s Deli, the Frankston tattoo parlour, the local bakery and Cilantro Cafe have all had the same message to deliver to the Andrews Government: get it done and provide compensation for all the gross negligence. I was saddened to learn that 29 people have lost their jobs as a direct result of this project and the loss of revenue, and that was only the people who were at that forum. That is 29 local families who are suffering a loss of income, and the flow‑on effect to the local economy is immeasurable.

This project is well over time and the Minister for Public Transport and the member for Frankston are nowhere to be seen. They have ducked and weaved at every possible opportunity. I will be taking this issue further. We will have more forums and the Labor government will be held to account. This is so typical of the Andrews government: make a blunder, cover it up, keep feeding the community half‑truths about completion dates and not provide support or assistance.